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The Sisters

Teaser Trailer II

The Sisters

Teaser Trailer I

adapted from Shakespeare’s 



by Alexander Pepperman

Developed with Morgan Sullivan

May 16 - June 2

LATEA Theater

@ The Clemente Center, 107 Suffolk Street, New York, NY 10002


Helen G. McMillan

Lady Macbeth

Michael O. Tubman


Marcus Xavier Stewart



Ava Kostia*

1st Sister

Laura Yumi Snell*

2nd Sister

Taylor Marie Rasmussen*

3rd Sister

Jeffrey Marc Alkins


The Other Three Sisters

Serena Ebony Miller* | Cello

Lisa Helmi Johanson* | Violin

Shannon Elliott | Viola

Morgan Sullivan

Director   Developer

Madison Reiske

Assistant Director

Alexander Pepperman*

Text Coach   Dramaturg

Jen Wiener

Stage Manager​

Produced  by the  SoHo Shakespeare Company


Serena Ebony Miller*


Matsy Stinson

Costume Design



Ash Zeitler

Lighting design

Jess Petino

Scenic Design

*Appearing Courtesy of Actors Equity Association

*An Equity Approved Showcase

The Sisters is an original adaptation of Shakespeare’s

adapted from Shakespeare's Macbeth

by Alexander Pepperman.

Teaser Trailer II Credits include:

Written and Edited by Morgan Sullivan
Directed by Morgan Sullivan
Costume by Madison Reiske and Morgan Sullivan
Credits: Madison Reiske, Tyler Carlson, Zoë Watkins, Alexander Pepperman, María Victoria Martínez.

Original Score and Sound Design by KYOSi

Executive Producer:  Alexander Pepperman

Teaser Trailer I Credits include:

Written & Edited by  Morgan Sullivan
Directed by  Morgan Sullivan & Alexander Pepperman 

Costume by  Madison Reiske & Morgan Sullivan
Credits:  Madison Reiske, Zoë S Watkins, & Sharlee J Taylor

©2019 by The SoHo Shakespeare Company.