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"Alex coached me in preparation for Graduate school auditions this past winter.  His approach - particularly with Shakespeare - allowed me to grow immensely in the an incredibly short period of time. Alex creates a collaborative environment between coach and actor which allows the actor to thrive by finding the strongest and freshest choices in preparation for an audition, or scene work.


His approach to text work will discipline you, and I am indeed a stronger actor for it. He won’t let you get away with anything that may be holding you back, and that is important for any actor. He cares about his actors and by the end of every session I felt like we were rehearsing together, not just a coach directing an actor.


Working with Alex pushes me, and I am extremely grateful for what we are accomplishing together. I highly recommend reaching out to the company for coaching, whether it be for audition prep, or to keep the acting muscles fresh and functioning properly. You will be pressed to work hard, and by the end of your sessions, you will feel confident for whatever is ahead. The company members of SoHo Shakes love what they do and they bring that warm sense of play to the work, which makes for the best possible environment to grow, and to kick ass as an actor and artist. Sign up while you still can."

- Txai Frota | Actor | 2018

"I have been working with SoHo Shakes twice per month since January.  These sessions have significantly changed my approach toward our craft.  The work we do together has instilled in me an awareness of my habits and shown me new ways to overcome them.  Both tough and lighthearted, you will feel their passion, drive, and desire to help you create your most organic work.  It is obvious that this is not just a job for them.  The dedication with which they work is a testament to the concentrations of the stage actors I admire most."

- Kami Sabghir | Actor | 2018

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