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We offer private coaching for both students and professionals in acting, voice & speech, and dialects.  We endeavor to help performers sharpen their craft and find clarity and direction in their performance.  Thanks to our years of previous and current training our teachers have a strong sense of rhythm, style, and language, particularly with Shakespeare's works, and can help guide you through the nuances of text work, language, and action.



Shakespeare wrote in textual images - words and phrases grouped together to create the most important ideas of the sentence.  He used his form of elevating those textual images and communicate to the audience his most operative ideas.  We can help you identify, explore and understand his language and the images he needs us to communicate.  We will play with his rhetorical devices – metaphor, antithesis, alliteration, etc – and find color and texture through the myriad clues that Shakespeare left behind for us.



We off group workshops and classes in Viewpoints, Suzuki, Scene Study, Shakespearean Scene Study, Shakespeare Text Analysis & Character Research.


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