SoHo Shakespeare Company is

telling our stories from unexpected perspectives

SoHo Shakes is a collective of crafty theatre makers challenging the mainstream narrative by making space for the overlooked to rise up, be heard, and take center stage.


Our mission is to develop radical reinterpretations of classic texts and bold new works by rabble-rousing storytellers. Through live productions, community programs, education, and outreach, we are dedicated to giving voice to the voiceless.


History is told by those who hold the microphone, but it’s up to us to find the truth.  Like the fox, forever digging and diving, theatre must always look to uncover hidden truths by listening to the people, in all our glorious diversity.

Alex Pepperman

Founding Artistic Director

& Executive Producer

He | Him | His

Laura Yumi Snell

Executive Director

& Producer

She | Her | Hers

Jesse C. Friedman

Director of Education

& Associate Producer

He | Him | His

Marcus X. Stewart

Director of Outreach

Associate Producer

They | Them | Theirs

Hallie Smythe

Associate Producer

& Social Media Manager

She | Her | Hers

Antonio Davis

Associate Producer

He | Him | His

Zoë Watkins

Chief Mischief Maker

for Events

She | Her | Hers

Resident Artists

Alex Pepperman | Laura Yumi Snell | Jesse Friedman

Zoë Watkins | Helen G. McMillan | Matthew Vitticore

Board of Directors

Susan Korda | April Yau | Angela Lavery | James Felix 

Alex Pepperman | Laura Yumi Snell | Jesse Friedman


280 Mulberry Street, #6A

New York, NY 10012



SoHo Shakespeare Company, INC is a

 501(c)3 Nonprofit  Charitable Organization

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